August 2017: Updates & Dental Month!

August is pet dental health month at Total Vets - for all our patients we are offering FREE DENTAL CHECKS during August.  Please make an appointment and one of our vet nurses will be able to 'flip the lip' and give you advice about your pet's dental health.  We can recommend at home dental care to assist in keeping your pet's teeth clean, or we may recommend a dental treatment. We also have $2 off Virbac Dog Toothpaste and toothbrushes this month. 


In other news, DERMATOSIS food is no longer in production so we have a few great alternatives for that: Blackhawk Fish & Potato and Go! Venison. Have a chat to your vet or to one of the nurses about which food will be best for your dog. If you do have a dog that is itching and scratching, keep an eye out for our upcoming skin and itchy specials as we move into spring - we're sure to have something to help soothe your scratchy best friend. 


Friday 25th of August we will have eye specialist CRAIG IRVING back for eye testing of breeding dogs and for referral cases - call us today to make a booking!


Now the exciting part - STAFF UPDATES! We've had a few changes recently including a few locum vets through our doors while we've been awaiting the return of our vet Asumi. We're really thrilled to have Asumi back on board after her maternity leave! Sticking to the baby theme; Tracy and Carolin are back from maternity leave, and Amy has left on maternity leave for baby number two - we miss you already Amy! We've had a couple of new additions to our clinic too - nurse Emma and vet Jess - get to know them a little better on our staff page. Nurses Amanda and Billie are both three-quarters of the way through their vet nursing diplomas and are looking forward to becoming registered vet nurses at the end of this year.