It’s nearly that time of year again – Guy Fawkes. While fire works can be fun and exciting for us, they can be scary for our pets. Sudden loud noises and bright flashes can cause anxiety. Some tips to prepare you and your fur family for Guy Fawkes:

1) Ensure your pet is safely inside, and secure doors, windows and cat flaps.

2) Create a safe hiding place for your dog or cat. Perhaps a covered crate. You can further increase this feeling of security by plugging in an ADAPTIL or Feliway® diffuser.

3) Speak to your vet about ADAPTIL spray; this can be sprayed onto a bandana tied around your dog’s neck or on their bedding to give them additional support.

4) Make sure your dog or cat is microchipped. If they do escape, frightened animals can easily get lost. Please make sure your animal is also on the companian animal register (CAR) and that your details are up to date on there! 

5) Use a calm coat or thundershirt to hep reduce anxiety.

6) On the days of fireworks ensure dogs are taken for a walk early in the day and cats have litter trays inside.

7) Close all doors, windows and draw the curtains, play music or have the tv on to help mask the noise of fireworks.

8) Comfort your pet in a reasonable manner and promote calm behaviour by displaying calm behaviour yourself.