In House Laboratory

Because an animal can't tell us what is wrong, veterinarians must sometimes supplement physical exams with sophisticated diagnostic testing.  Total Vets is equipped with an in-house laboratory that allows us to measure more than 120 lab values, with results often available in a few hours.  In addition, we work with several referral labs for specialised testing, and we download the results directly into each patient's computerised medical record, which enables fast and accurate reporting.

The LabOur laboratory capability also includes cytology, which is the examination of individual cells under a high-powered microscope. Samples are collected by swabs, fine needle aspiration, ultrasound-guided biopsy, endoscopy, or surgery. After special staining, these samples are examined by our patholgist and can help diagnose a range of conditions from ear infections to various tumours. This enables us to attain preliminary results very quickly, allowing us to treat our patients as soon possible—often while they are still in surgery or in treatment.

Something that sets us apart from the crowd is our very own Board Certified Clinical Pathologist Dr Nicki Shackleton BSc BVSc [Dist] DACVP.  Nicki, who is with us three days per week to analyse test results and cytology preparations, is an integral part of the Total Vets team.