Stem Cell Treatment

Finally there is a better option:

- Non-invasive treatment uses your pet's own body to heal itself

- Reduce or eliminate pain relief medication

- Safe

- Ideal treatment for osteoarthritis, ligament and tendon damage, stiffness from aging, fractures, cartilage and OCD damage.  It can not be used in animals with active or recent remissions of cancer or latent or overt infection.

The power of stem cells

Every animal has millions of dormant adult stem cells waiting to be used for regeneration.  Now this scientific breakthrough enables us to collect these dormant cells from a small amount of your cat's or dog's own fat tissue to be used for providing anti-inflammation as well as regeneration of various tissues.

Your vet will remove some fat under a brief anaesthesia and the stem cells are then separated and activated in the laboratory.  Once this is completed your vet will administer the activated stem cells to your pet's damaged joints.

The stem cells are capable of developing into new bone, ligament and tendon cells, and they provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on sensitive arthritic joints.

You may start to see improvements in your pet's mobility and general wellbeing in a matter of days!

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are found throughout the body and have the ability to renew themselves, divide and change into many different cell types.  They are a natural way in which your animal repairs its own tissues and organs.  we can now collect these stem cells, bring them out of dormancy and then use them in areas that need repairing, in much greater numbers than the body can normally attract to these affected areas, therefore realising a far greater beneficial effect.

Is it safe?

Yes, because the fat is removed from your own animal under surgical conditions, there is no concerns with cell rejection or disease transmission.  There are no known side effects to using this technique.

Is it ethical?

We don't use embryonic stem cells.  We collect the stem cells found in fat tissue as this is far easier and greater numbers are harvested than other methods such as bone marrow harvesting.  The stem cells found in the fat are adult stem cells.  Their origin can be certain and no donor animals are used.

The process

A pre-procedure workup includes:

- Blood testing to ensure your pet is a good candidate for stem cell therapy and the anaesthetic involved.

- Xrays

All non-essential medication should be stopped 7-14 days prior treatment.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (which your pet is likely taking for pain relief) should be stopped 48 hours prior to treatment.  Let us know what medications your pet is taking and we can advise which medications should be stopped. 

Your pet will be anaesthetised to remove a small amount of fat from the abdomen.  This fat is then processed along with a sample of your pet's blood to activate and concentrate the stem cells.  This process takes about 4-5 hours and is performed in our lab where we can prepare everything under aseptic conditions and have strict quality controls in palce.  Once the stem cells have been processed they are injected into the affected area, this may involve sedation.  The process is less painful than a desexing procedure.


If you have any questions about stem cell therapy tou can contact us or check out the StemVet website here.