Weight loss clinic

Why is my pet's weight so important?

An overweight pet is more likely to suffer from health issues such as:

-          Heart  Disease

-          Diabetes

-          Arthritis

-          High Blood Pressure

-          Constipation

-          Urinary Tract Infections

-          Respiratory problems & decreased stamina

-          Cancer

How do I know my pet is overweight?

You may notice some of these changes:

-          They become obsessed with food

-          The ribs can’t be felt without  applying pressure

-          They become less active

-          No obvious waist line

-          You have had to loosen your pet’s collar several times since it has become an adult

What is the Weight Loss Clinic?

One of our vet nurses trained in animal nutrition will prepare a weight loss program that is tailored for your pet free of charge. They will outline a goal weight and supply you with a planner and progress tracker with a nutritional plan.

We use diets that are specifically for weight loss. These are reduced in calories and are more effective in burning fat as well as helping them put on lean muscle. If your pet refuses to eat them there is also a money back guarantee.

You will be asked to visit us regularly for free follow-up visits so we can check progress and make any adjustments to the program that may be required.

Most owners notice that once their pet is back to their former trim figure they seem to have a new lease of life!